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Our Service Promise

Collection and delivery of devices

Collection-and-delivery-of-devicesGEO will provide a DHL service collection of impressions and delivery of Nuvola aligners to and from your clinic.
Dentists have access to a NuvolaWEB case management account to upload patients' details and monitor progression of each case.

Fully compliant medical devices

Fully-compliant-medical-devicesAll our devices comply with the rules and guidelines that ensure patient health and safety (MDD 93/42 CEE). The legislation is handled by GEO and guaranteed by external certified auditors. GEO UK European Orthodontic Ltd is a registered manufacturer of Custom-made devices with the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority.

Insured medical devices

Insurance-medical-devicesAll medical devices manufactured by GEO are certified and have third party liability insurance


Service-DiagnosisGEO offers a paid-for diagnostic service delivered by a fully qualified orthodontist. The service provides Cephalometric Analysis ,Analysis of Space and Treatment Plan with a suggested Removable Device (if needed), suitable for interceptive or functional treatments.
Any fixed appliances can be mounted on jig for indirect bonding and made in any technique:
  • Edgewise standard,
  • Ricketts,
  • Bidimentional technique,
  • Roth, MBT.
The service will included (only for technical Roth and MBT) the arches and the auxiliaries necessary for the treatment. Always under the constant assistance (telephone or online) of a fully qualified orthodontist. Records needed when requesting Cephalometric Analysis, Analysis of Space and Definition of Treatment Plan are as follows:
  • History and clinical patient data
  • Teleradiography in lateral skull
  • Orthopantomography
  • Rx of the hand (if any)
  • Teleradiography in poster-anterior (if any)
  • Impressions in alginate or plaster models
  • Photo of the mouth in front, profile left and right (if any)
  • Photo of the face front and the profile (if any)
• For more information, please contact GEO by phone or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.